Front Cover

ABC for Kids - Video Hits Volume 2 is a VHS consisting of a compilation of Music Videos from ABC TV shows and artists. A Ferry Boat Fred music video was included. It was released by ABC Video and distributed by Video Selection Australia on 21 April 1992.


  1. Franciscus Henri - Walking on the Milky Way
  2. Johnson and Friends - The Diesel Rap
  3. Swap Shop - Radical Wheels
  4. Don Spencer - Bob the Kelpie
  5. Franciscus Henri - Dancing in the Kitchen
  6. Michael Young - Ferry Boat Fred
  7. Mike Jackson - One Man Went to Mow
  8. George Spartels - Busy Baby, Bubby
  9. Don Spencer - Thumbs Up!
  10. The Wiggles - Dorothy the Dinosaur



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