Emily's Lost Shopping is the twenty-fourth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It aired on the ABC on 30 April 1992.


One day, Fred's big sister Kate was busy. When she had stopped at one of the wharves, Emily the Emu was worried. Emily had lost her shopping and could think where it had gone. The shopping had all sorts of different things, such as bread for sandwiches, biscuits and washing powder. Kate takes her to Wallaby Wharf to see if it was there, but it wasn't. Kate tells her little brother Fred all about Emily's lost shopping, so he and Pete went to search for the shopping as well. Kate took Emily everywhere around the harbour to ask if anyone's seen a bag of shopping, but nobody had. When Kate took Emily back to Wallaby Wharf, Fred and Pete returned too, carrying a bag of shopping. Emily was pleased, as it was her shopping. Fred and Pete explained that Mrs. Mitchell found it. Emily had left it behind, and Pete explained to Emily that Mrs. Mitchell has invited her to tea. So Kate took Emily to Major and Mrs. Mitchell's house. Emily had the best tea she had in a long time.

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