Front Cover

Ferry Boat Fred was the first home video release. It was released and distributed on 21 September 1992 by Video Selection Australia and ABC Video. It contained the first 9 episodes from Ferry Boat Fred.


This captivating Australian children's series tells the story of Ferry Boat Fred, who is smallest of all the ferries in the harbour. Fred is joined in his adventures with his big sister Kate, Pelican Pete, and his captain, the Koala (who always seems to be asleep), the other ferries Lou and Bill and many more wonderful characters.


  1. Fred Meets Pete
  2. Fred's Birthday Party
  3. Fred's Sister Kate
  4. Pete's Nephew Percy
  5. Fred at the Fairground
  6. Pete the Magician
  7. Jean the Submarine
  8. Fred and the Whales
  9. The Ferry Race


  • The cover art was later reused for the soundtrack.


  • On the back cover, Jean the Submarine is listed as being after Fred and the Whales, but Jean the Submarine is actually first.


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