"In a country at the top of the world, or the bottom according to your point of view, there's a city that's built around a harbour. So instead of getting around on trains, buses, cars alike, some of the people that live there have to travel in boats, which are called ferries. This is a story about the smallest of all the ferries, whose name is Fred."
— Intro
The four Ferries
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Ferry Boat Fred Plays Land Down Under01:26

Ferry Boat Fred Plays Land Down Under

Ferry Boat Fred - The Love Boat Intro01:45

Ferry Boat Fred - The Love Boat Intro

About the show

Ferry Boat Fred is an Australian children's TV program which was first broadcast in 1992. The main character is a ferry in Sydney Harbour named Fred , along with his older sister Kate , two other ferries, Lou and Bill , as well as Jean, a really jolly and colourful submarine. There is also The Captain, a Koala who is always found asleep behind Fred's wheel. Fred has a voluntary deckkie (deck hand) named Pete, a "know-it-all" Pelican who befriends Fred and follows him around the harbour, assisting Fred and tying him up at Wallaby Wharf.

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