Fred's Bad Dream is the thirteenth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It aired on the ABC on 15 April 1992.


One day, Fred is to have his engine checked, so after Pete untied the ropes, they went to Spike the Echidna's workshop to have Fred's engine checked. When they arrived, Spiked checked Fred's engine over. Fred just watched Spike using all his tools to mend his engine. After a while, Spike said Fred's engine was fine. After Fred started it up, he didn't go forwards, he went backwards. Fred couldn't stop. He was just about to crash into a big ship when his captain woke him up. It turns out that Fred was just having a bad dream and that he doesn't need his engine checked until next week.


Kate (cameo)
Bill (cameo)
Spike (does not speak)
Fred's Captain
The Big Ship
(Does not speak) The Fishing Boat (cameo)


13 Fred's Bad Dream

13 Fred's Bad Dream