The Captain

The Captain is Fred's driver, who he drives around the harbour. He often wakes Fred from his sleep in the morning when it is time for the two to head to work.

Due to being a nocturnal animal and assumingly his age (based off his appearance) he at most times, falls asleep while driving Fred around the harbour. Fortunately for The Captain, Fred knows the harbour well enough for him to get around at get his tasks done on time. Although The Captain has been awake while on duty due to emergencies, such as when Fred thought he was sick due to red spots.

Sometimes, he drives Kate, usually when Fred has a day off.


Television Series

Fred Meets Pete, Fred's Birthday Party, Fred's Sister Kate, Pete's Nephew Percy, Fred at the Fairground, Pete the Magician, Fred and the Whales, The Ferry Race, Kate's Lost Bell, Fred the Floating Zoo, Fred Goes to the Doctor, Kate the Painter, Pete the Water Skier, Kate at the Fairground, Fred Joins a Band, Night-Time Noises, Fred's Fishing Trip, Belinda's Blown Bulb and Major Mitchell's Washing


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