Fred's Fishing Trip is the nineteenth episode of the Ferry Boat Fred. It aired on the ABC on 23 April 1992.


It was Fred and Pete's day off, and Pete decides to spend the day fishing. Fred doesn't know how to fish, so Pete decides to teach him. They went just outside the harbour to fish. Pete got out the fishing rods and told Fred that fishing is easy; all he has to do is throw the line in the water and wait for the fish to bite, and when the fish bite, pull them in. Pete explains there are all types of fish out there, like flying fish, black fish, and strange types of fish. Then, Fred felt a big tug on the fishing rod, and whatever tugged onto Fred's rod dragged him into the harbour. Fred wasn't sure if it was a fish. As it came to the surface, it wasn't a fish at all. It was Jean the Submarine. Fred was so surprised, he let go of the rod. Fred decides to leave the fishing to Pete from then on.



  • The Portuguese dub credits Jack Osborn as the narrator, even though it was redubbed.
  • This episode mark's Bill's first and only speaking role to date



Fred's Fishing Trip clip in Portuguese

Fred's Fishing Trip clip in Portuguese