This article is about the VHS. You may be looking for the episode.

Front Cover

Fred the Floating Zoo was the second VHS release. It was released on 7 December 1992 by Video Selection Australia and ABC Video. It contained the next 8 episodes from Ferry Boat Fred.


Welcome back to the wonderful world of Ferry Boat Fred. Join Fred and Kate and all your favourite characters around Wallaby Wharf and on the harbour. In this, the second video from Ferry Boat Fred, Fred offers to take the animals from Taronga Zoo out on the harbour on their day off, but it's not all smooth sailing!


  1. Kate's Lost Bell
  2. Fred the Floating Zoo
  3. Fred Goes to the Doctor
  4. Kate the Painter
  5. Pete the Water Skier
  6. Kate at the Fairground
  7. Fred Joins a Band
  8. Night-Time Noises


  • This was the final Ferry Boat Fred home video release.
  • The cover art was later re-used for the audiobook, with some slight modifications.


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