Kate's Fancy Dress Party is the eighteenth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It aired on the ABC on 22 April 1992.


Fred's big sister Kate loves throwing parties, and one night se decides to throw a fancy dress party. Fred doesn't know what costume to wear, so he goes to Spike's workshop to get a costume. When he gets there, Spike dresses him as a Mexican. Pete tried all sorts of costumes for the party; a tree, Cleopatra, a diver, and finally, his magician's outfit. When they went to the party, everyone was dressed up in all sorts of costumes. Fred's captain was a clown, Major Mitchell was an Indian chief, Kate was dressed as a cowgirl, Emily the Emu was dressed in a very unusual costume. The winner of the party was Pete's nephew Percy for being dressed as a rubbish bin, even though it was a real rubbish bin with eyes., when actually, Percy was dressed as a pirate.

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