Kate's Lost Bell is the eighth episode of Ferry Boat Fred. It first aired on 8 April 1992. 


Kate wakes up Fred one morning noticing that her bell goes missing. Fred suggests Pete should look for it in the harbour with his fishing rod. Pete finds nothing but rubbish and a few fish. Then Fred spots the bell on Kate's deck. Cheerfully, Kate chugs out of the dock, leaving Fred and Pete with a pile of trash. Fred suggests the trash goes to Spike's workshop once his captain arrives to wake him and Pete up. Spike finds use for all the trash. He puts the tyre on the wharf, the dustbin lid on his bin, some flowers in the boot and cleans the bicycle so nicely, it looks just like a new one and gives it to Fred's Captain. Pete eventually finds out what 'recycling' means, and is very impressed on what recycling can do.





Ferry Boat Fred • Kate's Lost Bell

Ferry Boat Fred • Kate's Lost Bell