Spike is an echidna, and the ha


rbour's local mechanic.

Spike wears dark sunglasses and has yellow spikes, matching his attitude of being a laid back chacter ready to help. He enjoys water related sports like water gliding and surfing, a popular sport amongst Australian people. Sometimes, however, his laid back attitude can lead to him being unavailable and unpurposely causing some distractions. He went out surfing when Fred needed repairs from running into rocks. He can also be very creative on how he does his work. He is able to put old garbage to good use by recycling them, mostly for his own needs.

He also enjoys listening to music. He once decided to practice playing one of his musical instruments, but he was too loud and off-key that it soon awoke everyone in the harbour.


Television Series

The Ferry Race, Kate's Lost Bell (does not speak), Fred the Floating Zoo (mentioned), Pete the Water Skier, Fred Joins a Band (Does not speak) and Night-Time Noises,